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Modern Language Institute & Tutoring Services Ltd.

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You can also contact us for Translation Services

Do you wish to fulfill your dream of speaking a different language?

Do you want to gain a competitive edge in the global market place? Or maybe you want to communicate effectively with global business contacts? Are you traveling overseas for business? Do you want to enhance your personal relationships? Are you moving and wish to adapt comfortably to a new host country? Whatever the reason, we can help you to turn your dreams into a reality.

Modern Language Institute & Tutoring Services Ltd has a program to meet your needs, schedule and budget. Personalized service and a free consultation allow us to develop a customized program that’s right for you. We teach foreign languages, translate documents, interpret, do website translations and tutor students in a variety of subjects. We are committed to providing you with the level of achievement and satisfaction that you expect. Languages offered: 

�6�1 Spanish
�6�1 Portuguese   
�6�1 English
�6�1 French  
�6�1 Chinese
�6�1 German
�6�1 Arabic